2021 under the sign of conviviality and safety

Scavenger hunt in friendly Geneva

One of the watchwords of the 2021 season of Quiveutpister Geneva is: conviviality.

Following the many confinements, deconfinements and reconfinements, we will do our utmost to provide you with a friendly, positive, warm, informative and cultural experience. Things we missed so much in 2020!

In terms of conviviality, the Quiveutpister scavenger hunters in Geneva will welcome you physically at the starting point, to take you on an unusual tourist adventure. Long live human relations in real life! Stop contact through a screen.

After a warm briefing, the treasure hunt will be launched! Each team must then move forward independently in search of clues. The sharing of skills and the exchange between participants are two important elements in the concept of our scavenger hunts in Geneva. It will be necessary to communicate to advance our unusual activity in Geneva! Long live communication! Long live sharing!

The challenge set up between each team increases the conviviality and the playful atmosphere of the Geneva unusual visit. Playing together for a common goal. The questions, the clues and the resolution of the investigation game create a cohesion in the group, between laughter, common reflection and sharing of skills. And in the fresh air! No more playing behind closed doors or behind a screen! Long live the sun! Long live the great outdoors!

A secure scavenger hunt in Geneva

We want you to take part in an unusual and friendly activity, with human relations as its central role, while respecting health safety and barrier measures.

All our events are secure. For example, we reduced the number of participants so that each team could be spaced sufficiently far apart at the start and finish. Hydroalcoholic gel is distributed to each participant at the starting point. It is also available at the place of arrival.

Each Quiveutpister scavenger hunt in Geneva takes place outdoors only, to limit the number of enclosed areas where the virus can spread.

Scavenger hunt in Geneva every weekend

During the 2021 season, our scavenger hunts in Geneva will be offered every weekend. You now have the answer to the question: What to do in Geneva this weekend?

Two scenarios will be proposed. Which one will you choose? A mysterious scavenger hunt in the old town of Geneva, or a dark story of theft on the banks of the lake?

If you want to participate in an off-weekend scavenger hunt, we offer a privatization system. You can select the slot of your choice, at the time of your choice! Made to measure! Long live team building in Geneva! Long live the Geneva Bachelorette Party!

You got it! We look forward to welcoming you to our scavenger hunts for a safe and enjoyable time!

See you soon to track Geneva!


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