With gamification, involve your team with a treasure hunt

Expert in gamification, Qui veut pister offers the best team building idea, between collaborative game and immersive investigation.aMore than an exploding trend, gamification – or ludification – is the essential approach for a team building moment. Indeed, what better way to engage your teams and create a pleasant moment of cohesion with a touch of competition?

Thus, many fun activities, from escape games to laser games, as well as various thematic workshops, are promoted as the “must-do” of team building. But in the end, few of them will be able to compete with the treasure hunt in terms of gamified team buildings.

Progression, immersion, involvement

Designed from the start as a game where cooperation and confrontation are necessary, the scavenger hunt uses all its components to stimulate its participants. The journey of discovery and observation will move the team forward, while the police investigation will allow a total immersion and avoid a rigid activity without context. Finally, the game mechanics will make the players think together, a good way to involve them to reach an optimal flow.

A scavenger hunt has flow!

Flow is this state of involvement of the player who progresses without ever falling into the lassitude of a game that is too easy or the frustration of a game that is too hard. In other words, it is this activity that makes the time go by so concentrated. A complex balance to strike that only specialists in discovery, storytelling and gamification like Qui veut pister can offer.

Gathering information, thinking, observing, teamwork and competing for the highest score, a Qui veut pister game is ultimately the optimal activity to teach a team to work together while having fun. In short, the ideal team building for everyone!


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