With Quiveutpister, the escape game takes to the air

Now is the time to get some fresh air and enjoy fun and unusual activities, such as the Who Wants to Track games.

Quiveutpister, the must-have activity of 2022

In 2022, it’s time to get together, have fun, and enjoy! Investigation, discovery, riddles, codes, all with a touch of competition, that’s what a Quiveutpister is all about.

Quiveutpister, for quality team building

The scavenger hunt is the promise of a team-building event where your teams will investigate and progress together during an unforgettable unusual experience.

From the escape game to the treasure hunt, the explosion of the investigation game

This is not new, life-size investigation games are very popular! Obviously, two words come to mind when talking about this trend: escape game.

The tourism experience

As you solve an investigation, follow in the footsteps of the protagonists and discover the tourist and historical sites of the places you pass through!

With gamification, involve your team with a treasure hunt

Expert in gamification, Qui veut pister offers the best team building idea, between collaborative game and immersive investigation.

Quiveutpister, the outdoor escape game for everyone

Come and track down Geneva with our treasure hunts where the escape game is combined with a tourist and unusual visit.

Back to school fun with Quiveutpister

From the old town to the shores of the lake, Quiveutpister takes you on a mysterious investigation that makes you discover Geneva as you have never seen it before.

Quiveutpister, to keep the fun going in Covid times

Investigation, unusual visit, discovery, escape game and orientation game: that’s what a Quiveutpister trail game is all about. So come and explore, play and investigate in a 100% outdoor game.


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